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Spring Renewal, Summer Camp, Volunteer Appreciation, and more! View in Browser
Girl Scouts of Southwest Indiana
April 2024 News from GSSI
Spring Renewal is Here
What a fantastic year it’s been with Girl Scouts so far! Now it's time to get ready for another one filled with unforgettable field trips, energizing community projects, and new passions to share with forever friends. Let’s do it again!
All members who renew by June 3 will receive a special patch, and all girls will receive a fun gift. Plus, troops who renew 80% of their girls and 2+ co-leaders will receive a 25% off coupon for the GSSI shop!
Renew Today
Bridging Kits & My Girl Scout Kits
Bridging marks a girl's transition from one leadership level to the next and is an exciting time in a Girl Scout's life. Our Bridging Kits contain everything you need to celebrate these special events, including a bridging award patch, certificate, membership star and disc, bridging pencil, a fun patch, and more. The My Girl Scout Kit includes all the essentials your girl needs for each grade level, plus a free drawstring bag! Each level may choose from a kit with a sash or a vest. Visit our website to learn more and find order forms for these kits!
Retail Shop
2024 Summer Camp Registration is Open
Registration for overnight camps at Camp Koch is officially open! From canoeing and archery lessons to making s'mores and having her first hike in the woods, every outdoor activity builds confidence. GSSI offers a variety of camp programs for different ages, interests, and skill levels to help Girl Scouts have an awesome summer they won't forget! Visit our website to learn more about available camp sessions at Camp Koch, and check back often as information is updated about day camps around the council.
Learn More
Volunteer Appreciation Month
Happy Volunteer Appreciation Month! Thank you for all the creativity, care, and dedication you bring to Girl Scouts as volunteers. We’ll be sharing our appreciation with you all month long, but we’re extra excited to kick off a special giveaway from GSUSA just for volunteers. Be sure to enter for the chance to win a grand prize bundle worth up to $1,250. Thanks again for all you do—and good luck!
Enter Now
Volunteer Trip to Nuestra Cabaña
Join GSSI for a volunteer-only trip to the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) World Centre in Mexico– Nuestra Cabaña– where volunteers will participate in the Real Mexico: Day of the Dead event! Travel to the small town of Ocotepec in Mexico to participate in global Girl Guide and Girl Scout programming, volunteer in a community action project, and experience a unique, local Day of the Dead celebration, also known as Dia De Los Muertos in Spanish.

This volunteer-only trip is meant to serve as a training opportunity for volunteers who are interested in taking Girl Scouts to WAGGGS World Centres in the future with GSSI. If you are interested in joining this volunteer trip, please fill out the interest form on our website, and we will be in touch soon. If you know a volunteer who would be interested in showing Girl Scouts the world through international travel, please share this opportunity with them as well!
Learn More
Upcoming Volunteer Training Opportunities
We have two outdoor volunteer trainings scheduled in May. Fire Building & Outdoor Cooking certifies volunteers to conduct outdoor campfires for recreation or cooking. Troop Camp Training certifies volunteers to hold tent camping overnights at campgrounds and other outdoor locations. Please note that Fire Building & Outdoor cooking must be taken at least six months before Troop Camp Training.

Visit the links below for details and to register for the courses.
End of Cookie Program Surveys
GSSI is always here to help and we want to do whatever we can to make your next cookie program bigger and better! We have created a survey for volunteers and a survey for girls & their families, so please share any feedback or ideas with us as we read every comment and suggestion. There will be a drawing for a $25 GSSI Shop Gift Certificate for each survey, too!
April Social Media Challenge
Hey, Girl Scouts and Caregivers— it is officially Volunteer Appreciation Month, so this month's social media challenge is dedicated to showing our creative, caring, and inspiring Girl Scout volunteers how much we appreciate their dedication.

To make thanking your volunteers easy, we’ve compiled special fill-in-the-blank resources that you can customize for your favorite volunteers. After you create your thank you, we want to see it so we can spread the love to our volunteers all month! Send a picture holding your thank you creation and we will share everyone's on our social media throughout April. (Be sure to include your volunteer's name and troop number!) Feeling even more creative? Send us a video message with your shout-out!

All submissions can be emailed to hminasian@girlscouts-gssi.org, then share your appreciation online, tag GSSI on social media, and use these special hashtags: #VolunteerAppreciationMonth #GirlScoutLeaderLove #GirlScoutsSWIN
Access Toolkit
Hiring for the Summer
Summer Program Facilitator: This part-time role provides girls with The Girl Scout Leadership Experience by facilitating programs at schools and community organizations during the summer. This role is perfect for college students or retirees! APPLY NOW
Women of Distinction 2024
This month, GSSI will host our annual Women of Distinction event, focusing on and uplifting the individuals and organizations in our community working to improve girls' lives through Physical, Academic, Emotional, and Social Wellness. Please join us on Friday, April 19 to honor these local champions!
Order Tickets
Email Megan Stillwell at mstillwell@girlscouts-gssi.org with any questions.
Girl Scout Cookie Decorating Class
Learn how to decorate sugar cookies with ARK Creative Dessert Co.! Each girl will receive three cookies to follow along with the instructor and learn how to decorate using different royal icing techniques.
Saturday, April 13, 2024 with 3 time slots: 10-11 AM, 1-2 PM, 3-4 PM
GSSI Office
$25 per girl; optional fun patch for an additional $2

Children's Center for Dance Education's “Hansel and Gretel”
What: Plan to attend one of the performances of “Hansel and Gretel” by the Children's Center for Dance Education being offered in 3 different locations!
When & Where: April 6 in Washington, IN | April 27 in Mt. Vernon, IN | May 11 in Evansville, IN
Cost: $7.50 per person

Check out our event calendar for more upcoming programs!
With your support, they shine. Give today.
Investing in Girl Scouts is an investment in making our community better, stronger, and brighter. Your gift will be used to ensure local Girl Scouts gain the skills and confidence needed to accept challenges, overcome obstacles, and become leaders. Plus, every dollar you give stays right here in our community.
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