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Girl Scouts of Southwest Indiana
On My Honor - November 11, 2022
To our courageous veterans, we are grateful for your service and sacrifice for our country! A special thank you to our military veteran GSSI staff members, Jodie Cross, Dan Hayden, Cassie McCord, and Frank Spangler.
New! 2023 Cookie Reference Materials
It's time to start planning for cookie season! Updated reference materials are now available for volunteers and girls. For a complete list of cookie references, forms, and training, visit our website's For Cookie Volunteers section.
Service Unit Cookie Information
Each service unit has a designated Service Unit Cookie Chair (SUCC) that serves as the main contact for each area during the cookie program. In addition, all troop cookie volunteers must attend their service unit’s cookie training. Preferably, troop leaders will attend as well. If both the cookie volunteer and troop leader are unavailable, a volunteer from the troop can instead. If you cannot attend or have questions, please contact your SUCC or cookies@girlscouts-gssi.org.
Su cookie info
Join us for the 2023 Cookie Kickoff!
Join us on December 4 to prepare and get pumped up for the cookie season at Deep Blue Indoor Play! In addition to the play area and climbing activities, we will have stations to help girls prepare for cookie season. The event will have two sessions; 5:00-7:00 PM & 5:30-7:30 PM CST.
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Smart Cookies Tip: Smart Cookies Mobile App or Smart Cookies Browser Page?
Girls use the Smart Cookies mobile app to take orders and accept credit card payments. If you have downloaded the app in previous years, it needs to be deleted and reinstalled each cookie season. Volunteers must access Smart Cookies by using a page on a web browser.
2023 Summer Camp Dates Now Available
It may be getting cold outside, but we're already daydreaming of warm, sunny days at Camp Koch. Check out our 2023 Summer Camp Sessions, mark your calendar, and start counting the days until summer with us!
Girl Scouts of Southwest Indiana believes in the power of girl leadership and the power of monthly giving. When you join our Giver Every Month Club (GEMs), you help local Girl Scouts by giving monthly financial support. Monthly donations help lower costs through automation and reduced mailings, meaning that more of your donation goes directly to Girl Scouts.

Join at just $19.12!
Did you know that Girl Scouts was founded in 1912? As a fun way to recognize this special year and encourage you to become a GEM with GSSI, you can start your monthly gifts today for just $19.12 or increase your current giving by $19.12 per month. After your initial gift of $19.12, your monthly donation can be any dollar amount. As a GEM, you are entirely in control of your donations and can cancel or change your amount at any time.

Invest in girls; change the world. It’s as simple as $19.12!
A blue banner with a Black girl holding a handwritten thank you sign.
This week we would like to thank the volunteers who helped at the Troop Camporee on November 6. Special thanks also to Ranger Frank Spangler for all he does for Camp Koch!
  • Teri Rawlings
  • Jamie Voges
  • Tina Voges
  • Karen & Jim Bengert
  • Dr. Greg & Jennifer Brown
  • Mary Birkhead
  • Charlie Allega
  • Vanessa Barger
  • Crista Miller-Owens
  • Sara Dzimianski
We also thank Troop Leader Kathy Messmer this Veteran's Day for hosting the annual Cookies for Veterans event for Dubois County Girl Scouts! During the event, girls learned about veterans, made patriotic crafts to take home, made thank-you cards for veterans, and decorated cookie boxes. Each box was filled with 30 homemade cookies, a bag of chips, a package of cocoa, and a thank you card. The group made 50 gift boxes and donated them to the Jasper VFW and American Legion.
As part of our "Project Pollinate" program funded by Alcoa Foundation, we are now offering funding to assist with community service projects. Throughout 2023, Girl Scouts are encouraged to look for meaningful ways to contribute to their community while sharpening their problem-solving skills and expanding their definition of philanthropy through community service projects focused on protecting pollinators. These projects will work to influence the community’s environmental attitudes, values, and behaviors and cultivate a sense of responsibility for nature. Funding of up to $75 is available for approved projects. This can be given to individuals, troops, service units, and/or camps. For questions, contact Cassie McCord at cmccord@girlscouts-gssi.org.
LEarn more
The Fall & Winter Program Guide is Now Available!
Looking for activities for your troop in the coming months? Check out our latest Program Guide! The guide includes council and community partner events, anytime programs presented by community partners, community service opportunities, and fun troop outing ideas. If you have suggestions for events or programs to add to the guide, contact Cassie McCord, Girl Experience Specialist, at cmccord@girlscouts-gssi.org.
Learn more
November Community Partner Spotlight: Make Stuff Masons
We are proud to partner with Make Stuff Masons pottery studio in Mount Vernon to offer girls pottery glasses just for Girl Scouts! These programs are available to schedule at any time. Girls will learn wheel throwing and hand-building pottery with an instructor for two hours. To schedule your program date, contact Jess Mason at jess@makestuffmasons.com.
Saturday, December 10, 3:00-4:30 PM CST
Grades: 2-12
Cost: $12 per girl
What: Join Girl Scouts as we soar to new heights while climbing at Vertical eXcape Evansville! Participants will be greeted by staff and given a 15-minute introduction with tips on how to climb, what gear is used, and a safety briefing. The climbing session will last an hour and 15 minutes and allow girls to use any of the 9 auto-belay climbing systems at the facility. LEARN MORE & REGISTER

Sunday, January 22, 2:00-4:00 PM CST
Where: Children's Center for Dance Education, 5900 Vogel Rd, Evansville, IN
Grades: K-12 (No tagalongs)
Cost: $9 per girl ($3 for an optional fun patch)
What: Join the Center for Children's Dance Education and learn dances such as Cha Cha, Filipino Tinikling, and Ballet! Come for fun and fitness!! The program satisfies some requirements for badges including performance. Girl Scouts and their families receive 1/2 price tickets to the CCDE spring ballet!! LEARN MORE & REGISTER

Sunday, January 22, 3:00 PM CST (Doors open at 2:00)
Where: Ford Center, Evansville
What: Join the Evansville Thunderbolts for a fun night with discounted Girl Scouts tickets! This game is also a "Sunday Funday" with $2 hot dogs through the end of the first intermission or while supplies last. LEARN MORE & REGISTER
My Girl Scout Kit
The My Girl Scout Kit includes all of the essentials your girl needs for each grade level for just $60 AND includes a free drawstring bag!
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