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Girl Scouts of California's Central Coast
April 2023 Council News
Hello April! Spring is in full bloom, and so are our upcoming events and programs! After a great Cookie Season, we now shift focus to having fun in the sun! Read on for new programs, important news, updates, and more!🎉
Early Renewal is HERE!
Every Girl Scout Renewal Membership this year will unlock awesome Early Bird Incentives and will be supplied with our Mental Health and Wellness Toolkit!

Register early to receive all of our exclusive Early Bird Renewal Incentives!

Troops who register with 80% of girls + 2 qualified adult leaders from April 1-14th receive:
  • GSCCC Early Bird Patch
  • GSCCC Girl Designed Early Bird Patch
  • $25 per Girl in troop program credits
  • GSCCC Early Bird T-Shirt
  • 3 Day Camp Experience
Troops who register with 100% of girls + 2 qualified adult leaders from April 1-14th receive:
  • Entry for the $100 in Troop Funds Drawing. (1 troop from each of our 6 counties will win.
Plus new adults who register or JOIN from April 1-14th receive:
  • GSCCC Early Bird T-Shirt
  • Clearance to participate with your girl at troop activities.
Renew Now!
Volunteer Toolkit Trainings: RESERVE YOUR SPOT NOW!
Have you ever asked yourself if there is a tool that makes planning your troop meetings easier?

Well, we have exactly what you are looking for! GSCCC will be hosting FREE Volunteer Toolkit trainings via Zoom starting now!

This training is open to any volunteer that holds a Service Unit position, Troop Leader role, adults that have a Girl Scout participating individually, or adults that are considering being a leader!

All you have to do is visit our program calendar and search “Volunteer Toolkit Training” or click the button below.

If you have any questions, or want more information, please contact info@girlscoutsccc.org.
Sign up here!
Daisy Buddies!
Daisy Buddies meetings are starting this month! If you have registered for our Daisy Buddies program, you should receive meeting information shortly!

If you are interested, please email us at info@girlscoutsccc.org and we will let you know the closest meeting to you. Daisy Buddies provides your girl an opportunity to meet other girls in the area through local events held at our council retail and program centers!
Starter Troop Meetings!
You want to see her happy, confident, strong, and ready to succeed. So do we. From Daisy to Ambassador, the Girl Scout program teaches girls real world skills and sparks a desire for future success and achievement. Starter Troops will help her accomplish that! Meetings will begin soon for girls that are looking for a troop and adults that are interested in starting a troop!

If interested in attending, contact us at info@girlscoutsccc.org and we will let you know the meeting nearest to you!
Volunteer Appreciation Month
Join GSCCC as we celebrate all the exceptional volunteers that step in and step up for Girl Scouts! Volunteer appreciation week is April 16-22, ending on Girl Scout Leader Appreciation Day.

We are encouraging girls to send in a photo of you with your favorite volunteer, a quote of why you love Girl Scout volunteers or troop leaders, share a memory of an exceptional troop leader, or volunteer moment. Girls can email media@girlscoutsccc.org and we will share these special photos or moments on social media throughout the month of April!

Click the button below to find out more about how girls can share the love to their favorite volunteer! There you will find blog posts with tips of how to thank a volunteer and our new E-Card Generator for Volunteer Appreciation!
Learn More
Girl Scout Cookie Program
Congratulations to all our go-getter girls selling cookies this year! Your dedication to the cookie program helped us reach of our goal of selling over 1 million boxes of cookies. You amazing entrepreneurs also helped us distribute over 16,000 “care to share” packages of cookies to your hometown heroes!

The girls really used all your skills this year. You weathered storms, like the Storm Troopers you are, found new locations to set up your booths, and we also had more lemonade stands in our communities than ever before! You walked about, pulled your wagon, setup your storefronts all with a smile and a thank you, like the amazing entrepreneurs we know you are. We can’t say enough about how proud we are of you!

A Big THANK YOU to all the Troop Leaders, parents, Cookie Chairs, Cupboard Coordinators, Booth Coordinators, community supporters, and girls who helped make the 2023 Girl Scout Cookie season a success! We're still crunching the numbers, but over 487 troops with over 3761 girls participated in this year's cookie program, and have sold to date over 1.1 million boxes of Girl Scout cookies!

Stay tuned for updates on rewards, Super Seller Events and more!
Camp Arnaz
Children's Health and Wellness Expo
Join Girl Scouts of California's Central Coast at Camp Arnaz for the Children's Health and Wellness Expo! This event is designed to teach children about mental health and emergency preparedness.

Mental health, emergency preparedness, and overall wellness are priorities for Girl Scouts programming. GSCCC strives to prepare girls to be resilient, ready, and strong for anything that comes their way. Attend the Children's Health and Wellness Expo and build your inner strength so that you’re ready for anything!

General Admission: $5 • Kids Under 5: Free • Girl Scouts: Free

Demonstrations by:
11:30 AM Police K-9 | 12 PM Search & Rescue K-9 | 1 PM Martial Arts

Information on:
Fire safety, internet safety, anti-bullying, and nutrition

Activities include:
Arts & crafts, meet the horses, face painting, hiking safety, touch-a-truck, and field games.

For more information, please call 800-822-2427
Get Tickets
Search and Rescue Hiking Program
Join Ojai Search and Rescue for our Hiking Program and learn the ten essentials of hiking! This program will give you the skills needed to confidently lead your own outdoor adventure! Learn about Search and Rescue efforts with our team and take a tour of the SAR command post. Girls will also help us find a treasure hidden in Camp Arnaz using a compass, GPS, and a map!

Group A: June 24, 10 am-12 pm
Ages: 11-18 years
Group B: June 24, 1 pm-3 pm
5-10 years
Equine Programs
Programs are back on at Camp Arnaz! Our Equine Center is back up after the rain we experienced these past few months. We have Cowgirl up for our Daises and Brownies, Junior Badge for the Juniors, and Horseback Riding for Seniors, Cadettes, and Ambassadors! Click the button below for dates, times, and to register!
Private Lessons at Camp Arnaz
We offer Private Lessons for anybody who would like them! This is open to Girl Scouts and non-Girl Scouts. The fee for each lesson is $45. Click the button below to reserve a spot!
Reserve your spot
Archery Programs at Camp Arnaz
Archery programs are back on! The range got a new makeover and we can't wait to show you! We've revamped some more enticing and fun programs for you to come and try! Come compete with our instructors or play tic tac toe! The Girl Scout Archery Range is here for you to shoot your arrow and have fun being an archer!
Private Archery Lessons
Want private archery lessons? We've got you covered! We are now offering private archery lessons for $30 a girl, non-girl scouts will be $35 per person. Email us at info@girlscoutsccc.org for more information!
BB Programs
BBs are back! Come check out the new refurbished range, and the new updated programs that have been built and redone! The newly revamped range is waiting for you!
Special Events
Spring has arrived, with it comes a host of exciting events to mark on your calendar! Whether you’re looking for community gatherings, health and wellness expos, entertainment, or fine dining experiences, there’s something for everyone. In this edition of our newsletter, we’re highlighting a few of the most anticipated events happening in the coming months!
Women of Distinction
Join us on April 29, 2023 for the very special Women of Distinction Volunteer Recognition Event! This annual event honors key individuals who have poured their heart and soul into the Girl Scout organization. They continuously pave the way for future girl leaders by acting as exemplary role models, achieving lasting change in their communities, and demonstrating that with the power of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, anything is possible. We will honor and celebrate our amazing volunteers for their accomplishments, community leadership, and commitment to making a positive difference with our girls.
More Information
Food, Wine, and Beer Festival
Food and wine enthusiasts can help Girl Scouts Save the Monarchs by attending the Wine, Food and Beer Festival at Camp Arnaz! GSCCC has partnered with Rotary Club of Ventura-East to bring you samplings of local wines, smooth brews, and nibbles! Enjoy the day with us! Bonus fun, you can plant milkweed and tour the nectar and pollinator gardens too.
Get Tickets
Not sure what events are going on in your area?
The program activity calendar is a great way to stay in the know about all the programs going on in the council! Click the button below to check it out and to register for events!
Check Out The Calendar!
Have a question? Don't be shy!
Contact us for more information.
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