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Important Updates and Helpful Info from GSCSA View in Browser
Girl Scouts of the Southern Appalachians
Early Bird Renewal Update
We'd like to extend a big "thank you" to all our members who renewed during our 2023 Early Bird season! It really helps our planning at the council level to know an estimate of how many girls will be joining us again for the next Girl Scouting year.

P.S. Stay tuned for the announcement of the $50 Girl Scout Shop gift card drawing winners!

Spots Still Open for Summer Stack Club
As you may be aware, our Summer Stack Club really took off this year and we filled up 4,000 spots in 2 days! Since the majority of these spots were taken by Girl Scouts from other councils, we opened 400 more spots just for girls in GSCSA on May 24. There are now less than 60 of these spots still available! Registration will close at 5:00pm on Monday, June 12. So don't wait 'til it's too late; grab your spot now!
DON'T FORGET: Completed Financial Worksheets must be submitted by June 15.
Get a head start on compiling your troop’s transactions for the year! Troop bank records are required to be submitted by June 15 to Council for the current year. The purpose of this information is to provide our auditors the information required for our annual audit as well as for our annual tax return reporting to the IRS. An example can be found in the Financial Worksheet link below. Beginning in June, this information should be submitted through the finance tab in the Volunteer Toolkit.

What we need from each troop in June:
  • The Financial Worksheet, a tool to help you submit to the VTK. This is the preferred worksheet. However, you may use another format that provides the same information if necessary.
  • Six months of bank statements (December 2022 through May 2023).
  • The VTK Summary Report. The VTK shuts down July 1 for a few days. You will not be able to submit your financial worksheet through VTK after that date.
Download the Financial Worksheet from our website. It's on the Troop Banking page under the Financial Worksheet & Volunteer Toolkit tab.

If you haven’t renewed your membership for the 2023 membership year, you will not be able to access VTK at all until your membership has been renewed.
download worksheet
MY2022-23 Honor Troop applications are due no later than June 15.
Save the Date: Annual Meeting
The 2023 Annual Meeting will take place on Aug. 19 in Knoxville. We will be providing more details in the near future.
Safety Activity Checkpoints: Driving
For anyone who is driving Girl Scouts, safe driving behaviors are of the highest importance. In accordance with national Girl Scouting transportation guidelines, a driver must have at least 5 years of driving experience. A driver must not have had any citations for reckless driving in the previous 3 years and must meet the following requirements from our insurance vendor:
Any motor vehicle used to transport Girl Scouts must be duly licensed, insured, safety tested, and operated by a responsible adult (age 21 or older) with a valid driver’s license. Georgia, Tennessee, and Virginia law require bodily injury and property liability plus personal injury protection or its equivalent to be provided on privately owned or rented vehicles. Neither GSUSA nor GSCSA assumes responsibility for insuring a volunteer’s personal property.

A driver who is transporting non-family girls as part of a Girl Scout activity must be a current volunteer. Driving convictions that appear on a criminal background check are reviewed under the background screening policy in the Volunteer Handbook. Specific motor vehicle checks of driver licenses will be conducted on anyone who is driving non-family member girls on an overnight trip. Drivers are identified in the Activity Approval form and will be sent a link from Asurint for a motor vehicle check. Asurint calls it a background check, but the motor vehicle check is actually checking driving license record. Those checks will be valid for one year. GSCSA reserves the right to request authorization to check motor vehicle records as it deems necessary. Whether or not a formal motor vehicle record is required, all drivers must follow this policy for the safety of our girls.

Read up on all the Girl Scout Safety Activity Checkpoints on our website.
safety activity checkpoints
Can't Miss Events
Girl Scout Day with Atlanta Dream
Come cheer on the Atlanta Dream as they face off against the Connecticut Sun on Sun., June 11! A portion ($5) of each ticket sold through our special link will go back to GSCSA (Select Girl Scouts of Southern Appalachians when purchasing your tickets). Atlanta Dream Girl Scout patches will be available for Girl Scouts to pick up at the game. Also, be sure to stay after the game for a special photo-op on the court! #DOITFORTHEDREAM
get tickets
SuperSheros Day Camp
We'll be hosting a day camp for all levels at Camp Wildwood July 17-21. There are still open spots so grab yours today!

Bring your brave, kind, true self to Camp Wildwood for a week of fun! This year we are focusing on our inner super-sheroes who make the world a better place. So in short, we're focusing on YOU! Join us for five days of Girl Scout traditions including badge work, silly songs, flag ceremonies, arts and crafts, and sisterhood! Registration is now open.

Reach out to Lynnea Salinas with any questions.
Volunteers Wanted
Hey leader! We need Cadettes, Seniors, Ambassadors, and adults to help us lead this summer's SuperShero Day Camp, happening July 17-21 at Camp Wildwood.

By volunteering as a DCC–Day Camp Counselor–Cadettes will earn their Program Aide (PA) award, and Seniors and Ambassadors will earn their Volunteer in Training (VIT) award. Already have the PA or VIT award? Start your journey toward a CIT I or CIT II! (Adult volunteers will have a great time and earn our undying appreciation!)
It's not too late to register for our summer resident camp. View program offerings on our website and grab your spot today!
learn more
Joyce Maienschein Leadership Grant
Cadettes, Seniors, or Ambassadors who are working on a community service, take action project, or High Award can apply for a Joyce Maienschein Leadership Grant to help make their dream a reality. Not only can the girls receive funding for up to $500, but they gain life skills like writing, budgeting, organization, and teamwork. It's a win-win! 
Easy Way to Support GSCSA
Register your Kroger Plus Card and the purchases you make will benefit us every time you swipe it. Just search for Girl Scout Council of the Southern App. Inc.
learn more
Be Seen in Your Community
Be Seen in Your Community
A troop of Knoxville Girl Scouts recently delivered four brand-new dog houses to Young Williams Animal Shelter. The troop used some of their cookie profits to purchase these much needed items for Young Williams’ “Pets for Life” program. The program aims to help pet owners problem solve issues so they can keep their pets rather than surrender them to the shelter. The troop also delivered a much needed collection of blankets and towels.

Share your stories and photos with us at socialmedia@girlscoutcsa.org. Please include a brief description (including date/location) of the event and/or project depicted, as well as the troop number(s).
Upcoming Events
Now-Dec. 9: Read City USA "All Together Now" 2023 Tour – Knox County
June 15: Father's Day Gifts - Johnson City Area
June 16: Girl Scout Night at Johnson City Doughboys
June 23: Girl Scout Ranger Day - Greeneville Area
June 23-25: Girl Scout Days at Dollywood's Splash Country - Pigeon Forge
June 23: Girl Scout Night at Smokies Stadium - Kodak
June 24: Girl Scout Day at Dollywood - Pigeon Forge
June 24: Troop Administrator Training - Johnson City
June 24: Girl Program Mentor Training Johnson City
July 8: Robin Hood at Barter Theatre - Abingdon, VA
July 11: First Aid, CPR, and AED for Adults and Children - Knoxville
July 13: First Aid, CPR, and AED for Adults and Children-Johnson City
July 15: Junior Journey in a Day--Knoxville
July 17-21: SuperShero Day Camp VOLUNTEER - Johnson City Area
July 17-21: SuperShero Day Camp - Johnson City Area
July 24: PA for a Day with Milligan: Johnson City Area
July 27: First Aid, CPR, and AED for Adults and Children - Chattanooga
July 29: Girl Scout Paddle Day - Erwin Area
July 29: Rapunzel at Barter Theatre - Abingdon, VA
July 29: Cadette Journey in a Day--Knoxville
July 31: Junior Journey in a Day--Knoxville
Aug. 5: Raft Race Training - Chattanooga
Aug. 5: Back to Girl Scouts - Johnson City Area
Aug. 8: Raft Race Training - Johnson City
Aug. 8: First Aid, CPR, and AED for Adults and Children - Knoxville
Aug. 12: Raft Race Training - Knoxville
Aug. 14: Storytelling Workshop with the Jonesborough Storytellers Guild - Johnson City Area
Aug. 15: Bronze Award Training - Knoxville
Aug. 15: Silver Award Training-Knoxville
Aug. 16: Senior/Ambassador Hangout - Knoxville
Aug. 17: Gold Award Interviews - Knoxville
Aug. 18: Celebrate National Aviation Day - Johnson City Area
Aug. 22: Gold Award Interviews - Johnson City
Aug. 22: Gold Award Training - Knoxville

{Please refer to our online Activities Calendar for the most up-to-date event information.}
View calendar
Shop Talk
Next Open Shop Saturday
• Aug. 5, 10:00am-2:00pm

Please note upcoming shop closures for Inventory on the following dates:
• Johnson City Shop – Closed July 7
• Chattanooga Shop – Closed July 14
• Knoxville Shop – Closed July 28

Online-Only Specials
Semi-Annual Sale and Clearance items this month!

Shop online anytime!
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