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Girl Scouts Heart of Central California
Helping Hands for Animal Friends
Our new and updated Animal badges give every Girl Scout a chance to learn more about the animals they love most! With these activities, Girl Scouts will learn a wide variety of useful skills. Daisies will get to tap into their observation skills by studying the animals in their community. Juniors will discover unique habitats and how to care for the places animals call home. Cadettes can explore the deep connection between humans and animals, as well as how to advocate for every species. Get started by downloading the Animal activities and unlock new badges today!
Animal Observer
For Daisies Grades K-1
Explore Activities
Animal Habitats
For Juniors Grades 4-5
Explore Activities
Animal Helper
For Cadettes Grades 6-8
Explore Activities
Volunteer Spotlight
Melissa Magness and Allison Crook
Melissa Magness and Allison Crook
Melissa and Allison stepped right into the SU Lead positions to keep Service Unit 106 intact—an expanse that covers the western portion of Calaveras County, stretching to the remote portion of Alpine County. By attending Mission Delivery meetings, along with other trainings and workshops, Melissa and Allison are able to keep up with all of the activities, events, and opportunities GSHCC has to offer.
Save the Date GSHCC's Annual Meeting
Saturday, February 3 | Sacramento
Join us to learn more about GSHCC's accomplishments and future plans, honor members for 20+ years of commitment, and hear from amazing Girl Scout speakers. Be on the lookout for additional information and more event details in December.
GSHCC Activities Banner
Our monthly L.E.A.D. sessions are built for troop leaders, parents, and caregivers to find out more about Girl Scouts, ask questions, and network with each other.
November Topic: The Lowdown of Higher Awards
December Topic: Think Outside the Cookie Box
Learn More
ReCreate Badges
Come be a Sustainable Maker and earn badges at ReCreate in Rocklin by using all the materials they've diverted from the landfill to create, engineer, and innovate!
Badges not provided.

Hours: Tuesday-Friday 5:30-7:00 pm (weekends available)
Cost: $120 per troop
Register Here
Girl Scouts with cookies
Help move over 20,000 cases of Girl Scout Cookies to individual troops as they kick off another successful cookie season.
Sacramento: February 17
Modesto: February 19
New Property Reservation System: DoubleKnot
GSHCC has moved our property reservations to an online booking platform. We are excited for troops and service units to easily book meeting and event spaces directly on our website. Visit Our Locations page to reserve your next stay!
Philanthropy Spotlight
Group of women
Crowd of auction bidders
Nearly 200 guests turned out to the beautiful and rustic Old Sugar Mill on Friday, October 20, 2023 to Gather and Give for Girl Scouts. Guests of the inaugural fundraising event celebrated the essence of Girl Scouting, while raising funds to ensure more girls are afforded the opportunity to participate in the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. Presented by UC Davis/UC Davis Health, Gather and Give for Girl Scouts generated over $200,000. We are grateful for the incredible show of support for our first-ever fundraising event and can't wait to celebrate again next year!
Thank you to the participants of the
2023 Girl Scout Fall Product Program!
This year's program ended with 2,304 Care to Share donations made! We hope earners are looking forward to upcoming reward experiences such as the Nutcracker Ballet and Build-a-Bear party. Girl Scouts should coordinate delivery of product with their customers no later than November 22, 2023. Personalized patches are mailed directly from M2 so be sure to contact them at should you have questions about these patches.
Retail Highlight
The fall weather is upon us as November rolls around. Prepare for upcoming friend and family gatherings by baking some thank-you treats or work towards one of the Girl Scout badges that covers cooking. Check out the GS Shop for helpful accessories.
Baking Fun Patch
Baked by a Girl Scout Tea Towel
Juliette Low Birthday Patch
The Sacramento and Modesto GS Shops will be closed for Thanksgiving break:
Sacramento: Wednesday, November 22 through Monday, November 27
Modesto: Wednesday, November 22 through Sunday, November 26
Visit Our Shop
At GSHCC, we work hard to make a difference in the lives of girls, and we have fun doing it. We have several openings in our Sacramento and Modesto offices.
Apply Now
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