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Girl Scouts Heart of Central California
Cookie Program: Jan 12-March 17, 2024
The 2024 Girl Scout Cookie Program has officially started!
Digital Cookie
Digital Cookie is a new platform this year designed to enhance the Cookie Program. Volunteers will still use Smart Cookies in conjunction with this platform, but participants will only use Digital Cookie.

As this platform is new, we understand there may be many questions. Please visit for helpful resources and tips addressing many Digital Cookie questions. There are also tip sheets on Rallyhood and gsLearn to assist you. The tip sheets on gslearn are found by entering “Digital Cookie” in the search bar. If troops or participants have not received a Digital Cookie registration email, please ask them to check their spam/junk folder. If the email is still not found, please review our Tip Sheet. We are also working with GSUSA to resolve an issue with Juliettes not having access to Digital Cookie. We will share updates once we know more.

Check out our Just-in-Time Trainings:
Site Set-up for under 13
Site Set-up for over 13
Customer Experience E-Card and Social Media Link

If you require further assistance, please reach out to Customer Care.
Please note Customer Care inquiries may have a delayed response due to a higher volume of cases. We appreciate your patience and thank you for your support!
Important Dates
January 14-17—Booth Lottery
January 21-24—Booth Round 1
January 28—Initial Order ends
January 28-February 7—Booth Round 2
January 29—ACH Authorization Forms due
January 29Initial Order and Early Recognition Order due
January 29—Last day to select Older Girl Proceeds Plan (if eligible)
February 1—Pre-Authorization Charge
February 16-18—National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend
February 17—Mega Drop (North)
February 19—Mega Drop (South)
February 23—Booth Sales begin
February 23—Cupboards open
March 17—Girl Scout Cookie Program ends
Wednesdays @ 6-7 pm—Q&A sessions (check Rallyhood for full schedule as dates may change)
Cookie Drops
Service units hosting a Mini Drop were contacted by the delivery agents. The troop scheduler will be used for both GSHCC Mega Drops. Troops will see available appointment times when entering their Initial Order. If your service unit attends Mega Drop, your service unit is required to have at least ten volunteers at the event. Register for a role at Mega Drop.
Initial Order
Remind troops to enter all orders in the Initial Order by January 29. As a service unit user, you will be able to enter or modify orders until January 30. Girl Delivery orders will be included in the Initial Order automatically so be sure these orders are not duplicated. Caregivers are also about to submit Initial Orders on their end.

Check out our Just-in-Time Training:
Initial Order
Troops must create Early Recognition Orders by January 29, including troops opting into the Older Girl Proceeds Plan. All girls with an Initial Order of 195+ packages by January 30 will earn a GSHCC-branded Go Bright Ahead T-Shirt!
Camp Light
Smart Cookies
If troops or caregivers did not receive their Smart Cookies link, first ensure they meet registration requirements. If they do, have them check spam. Service unit and troop users can resend registration links as well.

Just-in-Time Training: Retrieve Girl Reg Link
Smart Cookies Videos: ABC Bakers’ YouTube page
Smart Cookies Logo
An ACH Authorization Form is required if a troop did not participate in 2023 product programs. Troops who participated in the 2023 product programs should refrain from submitting the form unless banking information has changed as GSHCC will already have this information on file. An ACH pre-authorization will be processed on February 1. Troops who do not have a cleared pre-authorization will be contacted by GSHCC and will not be able to pick up cookies until it has been resolved.
Cookie Varieties
You can find our Allergen Guide and Cookie Line-Up online. Raspberry Rally is on pause for this season. Our five classics cookies remain on the cookie line-up, along with four delicious crowd pleasers.
Girl Scout Cookies on a Plate
There are many great resources available to you and your troops.

Cookie Resources Page—Forms, Guides, Just-in-Time Trainings and more
Tools for Success—Door hangers, pitch cards, Safety Tips and more
ABC YouTube—Smart Cookies video tutorials
ABC Flickr—themed images
Smart Cookies Tech Support—800.853.3730 or
GSHCC Customer Care—
Thank you for helping us kick off this cookie season!

The GSHCC Product Program Team
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