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Girl Scouts of the Southern Appalachians
Happy Summer!
While school’s out, Girl Scouts have more time than ever to do amazing things! Whether they attend our summer resident camp at Camp Tanasi, partake in a service project with their troop, go on a road trip with their family, or explore their own backyard, girls have plenty of options to keep them busy. They can also take some downtime and lay in the shade with a good book and earn a fun patch with our Summer Stack Club reading program (learn more below). Whatever they set their mind to, Girl Scouts follow though!
Support Our Summer Stack Club Reading Program
Since 2020, our Summer Stack Club has given Girl Scouts (both in and outside of our council) a chance to earn a patch just for reading during their summer break. Earning the patch involves registering, reading for a total of 20 hours, and reading at least two titles off of our Summer Stack Club Reading List. While this program has always been very popular (we had 811 girls participate in 2022), this year it went to another level!

Thanks to a few Facebook posts about it that were shared, liked, and commented on hundreds of times, word really got out and we ended up filling 4,000 spots in less than two days! We opened 400 more spots to girls just in our council and those are almost filled, too. We did not anticipate this attention, but we are glad that Girl Scouts from all over want to join in our humble summer reading program. Since we do offer this program and patch to girls for free, the council will take on the cost of having the patches made, bookmarks and congratulatory letters printed, and the postage for all this for the nearly 4,400 registrants this year.

In the future, if this program stays this popular, we may charge a nominal fee to participate to help cover these costs, but for this year we are keeping it free for all girls. With that being said, if you would like to help us with these expenses this year and show your support of Girl Scouts who love to read, it would be greatly appreciated!

If interested in donating, please click the Donate button below. When filling out the form, please put "Summer Stack Club" in the Tribute Name box.
Reach for the Peaks Wrap-up
Reach for the Peaks
THANK YOU to all who took part in our Reach for the Peaks event back in March! More than 400 girl members participated this year. We raised over $7,000 to go towards Girl Scout programming for girls in our communities.
Coming This Fall: Trefoil Society Luncheons
When a girl becomes a Girl Scout, she receives a pin in the shape of a Trefoil, symbolizing her acceptance of the ethical leadership values she will learn.

Members of the Trefoil Society commit to support Girl Scouts of the Southern Appalachians through generous annual financial support, so girls can discover their leadership potential and take action in their communities.

Each year, Trefoil Society Luncheons are held in each of our Council's regions to honor a woman who exemplifies the spirit of Girl Scouting.

This year's honorees are:
Dr. Brenda White Wright
East TN
Jenny Bushkell
Linda Moss Mines
Join us for one of our upcoming Trefoil Society Luncheons! Registration is now open; click the button below to purchase tickets. If you would like to host a table, contact Marguerite Hogan at
  • Appalachians Highlands Region
    October 19, 2023
    Johnson City Country Club
    1901 E Unaka Ave, Johnson City, TN 37601

  • East Tennessee Region
    October 26, 2023
    The Foundry at Worlds Fair Park
    747 Worlds Fair Park Dr, Knoxville, TN 37902

  • TN Valley & North GA Region
    November 7, 2023
    Waterhouse Pavilion
    850 Market St, Chattanooga, TN 37402
learn more & Register
Girl Scouts in Action
These Girl Scouts braved a rainy day to help out during a Trail Keeper Day back in April. They picked up trash and cleared paths at Winged Deer Park in Johnson City.
A troop of Knoxville Girl Scouts recently delivered four brand-new dog houses to Young Williams Animal Shelter. The troop used some of their cookie profits to purchase these much needed items for Young Williams’ “Pets for Life” program. The program aims to help pet owners problem solve issues so they can keep their pets rather than surrender them to the shelter. The troop also delivered a much needed collection of blankets and towels.
The Takoda Service Unit participated in the 2nd annual Hamilton County Cleanup Challenge in April and helped clean up their community. They had very productive teams at three cleanup sites, picking up 15 bags of trash, 14 tires, and 13 other large items.
2023 Gold Gala Award Ceremony
In April, we held our first-ever Gold Gala to honor our 2023 class of Gold Award Girl Scouts. We had 28 girls earn their Gold Award this year! As part of the Gala, girls and their guests were treated to an awards presentation, meal, and words of encouragement from our keynote speaker, and mother of a Girl Scout, Tearsa Smith.

Congratulations to our 2023 Gold Award Girl Scouts:
Lily Andrews
Kailey Bostick
Livia Branscum
Sarah Brotton
Allison Bush
Alayna Combs
Laura Gilliard
Abhikhya Gudala
Sophia Harris
Olivia Henry
Danielle Holbert
Samantha Holt
Sarah Humphrey
Rachel Jarnigan
Great Lane
Madison Mitchell
Riley Ottinger
Sadie Pastor
Alex Perlov
Alison Pohland
Amelia Sandoval
Reagan Schultz
Paige Shartle
Riley Shover
Ridhima Singh
Savannah Wilde
Natalie Wood
Olivia Young
Attention Alums: if you were ever a Daisy, Brownie, or Girl Scout, please click below and complete the form (if you haven't already). This way, we can keep you abreast of all the exciting things and events happening at Girl Scouts of Southern Appalachians!
I'm A Girl Scout
The Trefoil Society is a group of caring individuals who support the Girl Scout mission with their generous financial gifts.
learn more
Welcome to Our Newest Trefoil Society Member
Laura Esbaigh
Welcome to Our Newest Donors
Friendship Circle ($0 to $99)
Adalyn Adams
Candace Adkins
Ashley Allen
Claire Allen
Olivia Armstrong
Autumn Arnesen
Jessica Atwell
Rebekah Barker
Denise Bassett
Scarlett Berstler
Elizabeth Biggerstaff
Elizabeth Bobbera
Tony Branam
Bridge Refugee Services
Dan Brown
Kate Brownlow
Ellianna Bryant
Angela Butterfield
Julie Byrd
Aleigha Byrge
Olivia Chandler
Adalynn Chestnut
Valerie Clark
Lily Cogdill
Jessica Cole
Lauren Cole
Alysia Comerford
Emma Connor
Jade Cooper
Abby Corbin
Samantha Coulson
Penny Crichlow
Rachel Cunningham
Ashley Davis
Trinity Dempsey
Hailie Dickerson
Ashlynn Dinkins
Krista Dishner
Victoria Drouet
Lyla Escolar
Eisley Everett
Lynley French
Jennifer Fugate
Maci Fuller
Alex Gabriel
Evie Gabriel
Braylee Gerrity
Sarah Giblock
Emilie Gill
Fiona Gilligan
Julia Goecke
Meera Gowda
Rachel Gray
Roni Gray
Jordan Grundy
Amanda Guinn
Ophelia Hartanto
Julia Hawk
Grace Hernandez
Jennifer Hicks
Gabrielle Hodge
Kate Hoffer
Tracy Holl
Mackaylee Holland
Claire Howe
Layla Johnson
Clementina Kasamias
Mila King
Nancy Kirby
Ada Knight
Krista Kolwyck
Naomi Krasko
Ruthie and Russell Kuhlman
Linda Kurzenberger
Evelyn Larsen
Violet Lee
Olivia Lindsey
Calu Luke
Autumn Lynch
Stephanie Madison
Elyse Mann
Katherine Mason
Claire Mazer
Kathryn McGinn
Rebecca McPherson
Mary Moore
Rylan Moore
Misty Morris
Amelia Mullins
Hartley Narron
Patricia Nauss
Ken Neal
Jacqueline Nerey
Charla Nix
Gabrielle Padavan
Hailey Paik
Riley Parton
Meghan Patton
Emma Plaas
Michelle Poteet
Kaylie Pratt
Jasia Rivers
Chloe Robinson
Julia Romero
Lynnea Salinas
Shelby Schuchhardt
Amanda Scicluna
Lekshmi Seemanthini
Ama Sey
Megan Shaner
Mindy Shiver
Mattingly Singer
Sarah Singleton
Abby Smith
Julia Smith
Kate Smith
Lacey Smith
Jamie Snevely
Georgia Spence
Megan Tarbuk
Amanda Taylor
Emma Taylor
Lisa Tingets
United Way of Southern Pennsylvania
Jennifer Vessels
Kristen Vincent
Brinley Wallace
Sophia Watson
Dagny Wells
Kelli Wheatley
Bethany White
Addelyse Wilson
Emmalyn Woodruff
Arien Woods
Derrick Woods
Sara Worley
Ashliee Wright
Nicole Yates
Brownie Ring ($100 to $249)

Melissa East
Eva Hurst
Pashence Meyer
Adellen Poff
Ambassador ($250 to $499)

Cecilia Althoff
Julie Lohnes
Diana Patterson
Court of Honor ($500 to $999)

American Online Giving Foundation
Trefoil ($1,000 to $2,499)

Kendra Scott
Kiwanis of Jonesborough Foundation Starbucks Foundation: Neighborhood Grants Fund
Target Circle
Bronze ($2,500.00 to $4,999.00)

Cari Batson Thomas
In Honor of Tabitha Cowan
Nicole Yates

In Honor of My Times At Camp Adahi
Nancy Cardwell

In Memory of Marilyn A. Bresnan
Suzanne & Allen Mortimer
Jaima Walton

If you would like to join the Juliette Gordon Low Society by remembering Girl Scouts of Southern Appalachians in your estate planning, please contact
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Register your Kroger Plus Card and the purchases you make will benefit us every time you swipe it. Just search for Girl Scout Council of the Southern App. Inc.
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