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Girl Scouts Heart of Central California
Cookie Program: Jan 12-March 17, 2024
Hello Cookie Manager,

We are down to the final two weeks of the 2024 Girl Scout Cookie Program. Thanks for your amazing work in keeping girls motivated to reach their goals!
Important Dates
March 7—ACH Withdrawal #1
March 17—2024 Girl Scout Cookie Program ends
March 20Main Recognition Order due from troops
March 21—ACH Withdrawal #2
March 25Cookie Collection Forms due (if applicable)
March 28—ACH Withdrawal #3 (Final)
End of May (approximately)—Rewards distributed
April-JulyCookie Reward Experiences
Cookie Cupboards
We are down to the final weeks of our sales. Certain Cupboards may be closing after this week. Please remember to contact Cupboard managers before visiting their Cupboard if you would like to verify available inventory, as quantities and varieties may be limited. We also encourage troops to utilize Troop to Troop transfers if they are looking for smaller package quantities. The GSHCC Modesto and Sacramento Cupboards have started accepting Unplanned Orders during open Cupboard hours, of all varieties while supplies last!

GSHCC Modesto Cupboard: Tues-Fri 1:30-5:30 pm, Sat 9:00 am-11:00 am
GSHCC Sacramento Cupboard: Tues-Fri 2:00-6:00 pm, Sat 9:00 am-11:00 am
Last Chance Booths
Last Chance Booth patches will be available for girls that participate in booths during the week of March 11-17. These patches have been updated from last year. Only one patch per Girl Scout; the total patch request per troop cannot exceed the total number of girls in Smart Cookies.
Last Chance Booth Sale Patch
Girl Delivery
Any inventory girls need to fulfill customer orders should be transferred using a Troop to Girl transfer. Remember that girls can continue to edit orders at time of delivery and can refund orders as well. The last day to accept payments online is March 17, so customers wishing to pay for their orders with a card must do so by this date. If your troop is out of certain varieties, be sure to have your families update their Delivery Settings so customers know what cookies are still available.
My Cookies: Delivery Settings Tip Sheet
Troop Refunding Orders Tip Sheet
Transfer Orders
Axolotl with Booth Sale Sign
Check out our website for information on the Reward Card and Cookie Experiences. Camp registration is open and spots are filling up quickly. It is not required to register for camp before the reward is earned. However, girls who wish to secure a spot in a specific camp session may register before the reward is received but families will have to pay the $25 deposit on their own. Main and Recognition Orders must be submitted, regardless of proceed plan, by March 20. The service unit can make edits until March 24.

Please note: GSHCC cannot edit recognition orders after March 24. Please ensure reward choices are correct by the deadline. Alternative rewards not listed on the reward card cannot be offered.
Main Recognition Order
Reward Card
Troop Recognition Order
Cookie Share
Cookie Share is a great way for girls, troops and customers to give back. GSHCC partners with Blue Star Moms, local food banks, blood drives and other local charitable organizations for Cookie Share donations. Blue Star Moms sends donations provided by GSHCC to active duty military. If girls receive Cookie Share donations via Girl Delivery orders, these will need to be entered under Virtual Cookie Share in Smart Cookie by you or in the Smart Booth Divider if a donation is received at a booth sale.
National Cookie Finder
The National Cookie Finder can be found at or Troop links will be shown for customers to purchase cookies via Direct Ship and customers can also find local booths. Remember to distribute sales received via your troop link prior to creating a Main Recognition order.
Troop Direct Ship Link
If your troop’s first ACH withdrawal comes back as a returned payment, GSHCC will contact you and your troop will be responsible for any non-sufficient funds (NSF) fees. Troops wanting to receive a one-week extension for ACH withdrawals must contact GSHCC at least three days prior to the ACH withdrawal. If families owe money at the end of the program, be sure to fill out a Cookie Collection Report no later than March 25. GSHCC will issue a credit in Smart Cookies for the amount submitted which ensures your troop has access to their proceeds. Once collection reports are submitted, your troop must not accept payments from those families as GSHCC will work with them directly.
Cookie Collection Report
Troop Cookie Manager Guide: Page 25-27
Inventory and Program Wrap-Up
As your troop wraps up their sales, remember to communicate your available inventory with your families. This will help ensure customers know what inventory they can purchase. Continue to work with other local troops for Troop to Troop transfers. You should also verify that Girl Financial Transactions balance to a zero balance. If balances are not zero, ensure families turn in all money and/or that all inventory has been assigned to them. If balances are negative, likely, they have either turned in too much money or received payment for a Girl Delivery Order that was not transferred to them, in which case the customer should be refunded if necessary or inventory should be transferred to the girl.
Troop Wrap-up
Digital Cookie
Do you have feedback to improve Digital Cookie functionality? GSUSA has added a feedback button to the desktop version of Digital Cookie. This anonymous survey will be used to collect actionable feedback to make future improvements.
Digital Cookie Feedback Image
Need Help or Resources?
GSHCC Cookie Resources Page—Forms, Guides, Just-in-Time Trainings and more
Tools for Success—Door hangers, pitch cards, Safety Tips and more
ABC YouTube—Smart Cookies video tutorials
ABC Flickr—themed images
Smart Cookies Tech Support—800.853.3730 or
GSHCC Customer Care—
Rallyhood—a space to share essential cookie program resources and updates
We are excited to see girls at our cookie experiences this summer.

GSHCC Product Program Team
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