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Girl Scouts of California's Central Coast
Highlighting Girl Stories
This week's Cookie Alert highlight features Girl Scout Brownie Camille (8 years old) from Troop 65231. Marcella reached out to council media letting us know Camille is having a blast selling cookies this season. Her goal was at 1500 boxes and she has surpassed her goal and sold 1652 boxes! Even though she’s met her goal, she is so excited to continue to sell. She loves how excited people are when they see her cookie booth. She also likes to hear the stories of when others were in Girls Scouts when they were young. We asked Camille what she wants to be when she grows up and she said "a veterinarian because I want to help animals." She also shared a fun memory in Girl Scouting to which she replied "I went to the San Diego safari and got to spend the night. We woke up to see rhinos and elephants! It was the highlight of my life! We also saw a tiger run full speed." We are so happy to hear our Girl Scouts enjoying new adventures, reaching their goals, and ensuring more lasting memories for years to come through the Girl Scout Cookie Program.
Girl Scout Week- Happy Birthday Girl Scouts!
Girl Scouts’ birthday, March 12, commemorates the day in 1912 when Juliette Gordon Low officially registered the organization’s first 18 members in Savannah, Georgia. Girl Scout Week is celebrated each March, starting with Girl Scout Sunday and ending with Girl Scout Sabbath on a Saturday, and it always includes Girl Scouts’ birthday, March 12.

Join us each day as we celebrate our worldwide sisterhood. Try the games and activities for each day or join us at an event!

Everyone can take part—whether you’re an independent Juliette, in a troop, an adult member/volunteer, or an alum. It’s easy!
Join Us
Cookie Challenges + Booth Extension
Pictured Girl Scout Aubree from Troop 61007
Due to extreme weather and overwhelming issues with the digital only cookie release, we are extending the cookie program to help girls reach their goals. Booth sales are now extended through March 26th. We have also extended the challenge dates to promote the extended sale!

Booth opportunities can be at troop secured booth locations only. Our council’s current contracts end with our current locations March 12th. Boothing opportunities after March 12th will only be available by a troop secure booth process. Current council secured locations can not be approached for a troop secured location.
Cookie Season is about Girl Scouts!
We want to eally behind you! During our entire cookie season from
January 28th-now March 26th, we want to highlight YOU, the girl who is having fun, crushing goals, and learning valuable life skills! Be sure to send us all your photos of you participating in the largest girl-led entrepreneurial program in the world.

Send your photos* to media@girlscoutsccc.org. We may just feature you on social media!! If you have a social media handle, send that as well in your email to us! *All photos sent to media@girlscoutsccc.org release GSCCC to post images publicly on all of our social media channels.
National Cookie Finder Link is LIVE!
The nationwide cookie finder link is live meaning anyone can find cookies near them using their zip code. Be sure to check your dashboard in smart cookies! Go to dashboard, then the troop direct ship link to find these orders. Customers can order online directly through the link and the system will send to the closest troop in their area at random. This link also shows them the closest booth.
Find Cookies
Let's Finish Cookie Season Strong!
We are extending the sale to allow girls and troops to reach their goals.
  • Entries: We have 121 Scavenger Hunt Entries, 351 Lemonade Stand Patch entries, 617 Walkabout entries, and 503 Storm Trooper patch entries! We still have the challenges live to enter! Scavenger Hunt, Lemonade stands, Cookie Share, and Storm Trooper patches are open to submit. Message us or see below to register for these.
  • Digital Social Links: Girl Scouts, continue to share your social links and ecards to your customers. Encourage customers by sharing your goals and let them know the Cookie Program is extended.
  • Cookie Cupboards: Girl Scouts of California's Central Coast council cupboards will still be OPEN. Council will strive to assist in filling troop planned orders throughout the remainder of the extended cookie season.
Storm Trooper Patch Challenge
Starting February 14th- March 26th.
Earn Now
Cookie Share Patch Challenge
New Patch! Click below to learn more!
Now running through March 26th.
Earn Now
Lemonade Stand Patch
Starting January
28th-March 26.
Earn Now
  • CREDIT CARDS: Be sure to tell customers to manually enter their credit cards when ordering. There is a glitch in the system when using auto-populate for credit cards. For more help reach out to
    ABC's Help line 1-800-853-3730 or ABCSmartCookieTech@hearthsidefoods.com.
  • SELLERS: Make sure you are giving your girl(s) direct Smart Cookie link for sales to people you know. This ensures you, your troop, and your council are all credited for the sale!
  • OTHER ISSUES: We have had some parents not getting the girl delivery approval emails. This is due to them accidentally opting out of abc emails. Only an ABC tech can fix this issue.
    Contact ABC's Help line 1-800-853-3730 or ABCSmartCookieTech@hearthsidefoods.com to get this changed. You can also view direct ship facts here for those having issues with their direct ship orders.
Care to Share
Double the impact of the Girl Scout Cookie Program by sending cookies to service men and women and emergency personnel! Customers have the option to do this virtually through Cookie Share. Use your unique smart cookies link or share our donate link for Care to Share.
Learn More
CONTACT US: Email or call us with any other issues you may be having, we can address these issues in an future email or social media announcement. Let's make the 2023 cookie season a great one! If you have any questions, or need support in any way, don't hesitate to reach out! We're available at 800-822-2427 or via email at info@girlscoutsccc.org!
Have a question? Don't be shy!
Contact us for more information.
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